Nintendo is the most popular and widely used video console gaming platform which takes the world of playing video games to the next higher levels with the extraordinary game play experience. The concept of playing the nintendo games will keep you always attached to your seats for the hours of game play. Next to the early Nintendo console video gaming platform, the players can also find the latest version of Super Nintendo in order to provide the smart and soul friendly concept of game play with the greater sense of expression.

Popularity of Nintendo games:

All the video games on the Nintendo platform has got the greatest popularity among the millions of users from anywhere of the world.

The top most popularity which is gained by this game in the shorter period is only because of its nice game play environment, wonderful options, superb graphics and the simplicity of the game even for the beginners.

The gamers can play this game solo and also as a team of two players as some other related video games like Luigi and Mario.

The major protagonist of this game usually works better towards saving the beautiful princess who is kept 8 different worlds apart by the foe browser and antagonist.

The players can able to survive the different tasks hats which are all coming on the way to get to move to the next higher levels.

The previous versions of the mario gaming series saw the main character mario becoming very strong by consuming mushroom which comes on the approach of his journey.

Along with these things, the further innovations in this Nintendo mario gaming series usually added on more numbers of the interesting options.

The later version of the same mario game includes a lot of upgraded features to help this popular character fight enemies, fly, frog suit to hide and swim, escape the dangers and so on.

Features of the Super Nintendo gaming platform:

When considering the features of the super nintendo game play environment, it will give you the more numbers of amazing features including jumping, more hopping and also running through the different ups & downs, escaping volcano, sharp cliffs, sleep falls and more. Along with these exclusive features, the nintendo games also include a lot of challenges to make the game play environment unique and very interesting at all to keep the players engaged.

At the intervals between the game play, there are some bricks when jumped or hammered in order to hit you earning more amounts of stars and points. Other than the mario character, there are also some other characters like the Boo Diddly which appears at the every level. These may also attack the players if you get closer in the game play. The best option for your successful and comfortable game play is to just avoid and also speed away the journey at your super mario game play on the Nintendo video gaming console used all over the world.