As gamers all over the world search for the newest version of the Nintendo game series, one should expect to get familiarize with the new specifications and improvements that this new series has. The Nintendo DSi is the third installment of the Nintendo game series following the very famous Nintendo DS Lite.
As it has been in the market for a while now, some people are still skeptical if this unit is still worth buying or are asking what are the things that makes this one better than the Nintendo DS Lite. As Nintendo announced, the DSi series introduced a great number of improvements and for those who are interested, they need to get familiarize with them, here are the things that you can expect.
The first thing that you’ll notice with the Nintendo DSi is that it has a thinner body. Roughly around 2.6mm thinner than the previous DS Lite. The main reason why it’s thinner is because they have removed the cartridge slot that was included in the previous model.
Expect to have a bigger screen and yes this is the most sought after improvement for this unit. The Nintendo DSi remains at the same size as the DS Lite but were able to maximize the screen size and resolution.
One of the new favorite features to expect on this unit is that, for the first time – it has its own cameras. Yes, that would be 2 cameras; one is located on the hinge between the screens and one on the other one is outside of the casing. Being supported by an added software, the DSi users would be able to maneuver photos whichever way they want to.
Aside from being able to take pictures, Nintendo already included a photo manipulation software that will enable the user to add effects to the pictures. Imagine having 2 cameras, being able to take pictures with different angles and be able to edit them too.
It also contains a feature where you can connect and compete in the same game using wireless connection which makes gaming more exciting.
Now checking the inside the gaming machine, Nintendo also made an effort to enhance the main processor’s speed which now runs at 133MHz. The DSi unit now has 16MB of RAM unlike the older version which only had 4MB.
As expected, they also made enhancements on the speakers. Aside from this, Nintendo DSi now includes an option for users to play MP3’s using the dedicated SD card slot.
Added feature and support for the Nintendo DSi is the DSi Online Shop. This gives the user access to browse and download games and updates. Users will have options to choose from free contents to those that need to be paid.
Users of the Nintendo DSi can now access the internet using a software that can be downloaded from the online shop. Also, users now have the option to update their firmware or operating system of the device.
Though it’s still better to learn all you can before you decide to purchase any products, it would also be great to be able to see how the gadget works. Overall, this unit gives a fresh new twist to the previous Nintendo gaming units. If you are a Nintendo fan, surely you’ll be excited with this new gaming gadget especially now that it has a lot to offer and not limiting itself to playing games alone.