By now, people might have gotten the news that Konami and Hideo Kojima have parted ways. For people who do not know, Hideo Kojima was responsible for creating the Metal Gear Solid franchise, with Konami publishing it.

But because of a plethora of issues, Hideo Kojima resigned from his post in Konami to join another gaming company giant, Sony.

Anyway, Konami is not done with the Metal Gear franchise. In fact, they’ve released a trailer showcasing another entry in the franchise: the Metal Gear Survive.

Although it was not well-received, it is a topic that is saved for another time. This time, however, I am going to talk about another major move by the said gaming company.

Konami just recently announced that they are going to release the Metal Gear V: Definitive Edition this coming October.

What does the Metal Gear V: Definitive Edition entail? Well, the Definitive Edition is actually quite a hefty one.

For the price of only $50, you get to have the Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes and the Metal Gear V: Phantom Pain as well.

Not to mention, you will also be getting all of the DLC updates for the respective games as well.

There are literally a lot of content that’s included in this Definitive Edition pack. Let’s take Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for example. Here are just some of the items you can get when you buy the Definitive Edition:

Rasp Short-Barreled Shotgun Gold

Adam-Ska Special

Personal Ballistic Shield (Gold)

All-Purpose Dryland Fatigues


Sneaking Suit

Wester Tack

Bionic Arm Gold

Mother Base Staff (Skull)

Mother Base Stuff (Hound)

Aside from the items that you’re going to get in the game, the Definitive Edition also includes two bonus missions for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, which are the Déjà vu and the Jamais Vu.

Since their announcement, a lot of fans were actually quite surprised by this. Most people speculate that since Hideo Kojima is now out of the company, that the future Metal Gear Solid games may not be as great anymore.

Furthermore, Konami seems to be milking every penny out of the franchise. Remember, the Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Edition is just the complete Metal Gear Solid V installment with all of the included DLCs.

It seems to me that they are not confident that they can continue the franchise in the future since, well, the person behind this storied franchise is not working with them anymore.

Also, Metal Gear Survive just veers away from the winning formula. Instead of giving players a stealth game like any Metal Gear iteration, players are now immersed in a survival-themed game where they will control ex-Mother Base soldiers in order to fight zombie-like creatures.

Anyway, if you are interested in getting the Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Edition, it will be available on October 11, 2016, and it is going to be available for the Sony Playstation 4 and the Xbox One game consoles.