There are some jobs in the world that require you to call a lot of important people. There are also jobs that require you to go to different places, different areas, and you want to be able to have access to your mobile internet data so you can check your emails while you’re on the go.

The problem with these jobs is that whenever you need to call and you’re in an area with weak signals, it could present a lot of problems such as poor call quality, unsent text messages, and even slow internet data speeds.

That is actually a very common problem and it is always attributed to only one factor: low signal reception. To combat this, you need to have a mobile phone signal booster that can be installed in your vehicle.

Today, we are going to talk about the weBoost 470111 Mobile Phone Signal Booster. This is one of weBoost’s newer mobile phone signal boosters that can be installed in cars and RVs.

Although 4G LTE is the newest mobile internet standard, this signal booster doesn’t support that, however. I think the philosophy behind it is that there are still people who are using 3G frequencies. So, if you’re using 4G LTE connectivity, I suggest you look at other options.

The weBoost 470111 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is one of the best 3G mobile phone signal boosters around for your vehicle because of the fact that you do not need to rest your mobile phone inside a cradle to enjoy boosted signals.

This mobile phone signal booster acts much the same way as the ones that can be installed in homes and offices. In short, it uses its built-in internal antenna to rebroadcast the amplified signals in your vehicle.

The weBoost 470111 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is also encased in high-grade aluminum to protect it from bumps and scratches.

To install this mobile phone signal booster:

  1. Mount the external antenna on the roof of your car. For maximum benefit, place the external antenna on the middle portion of the roof of your car.
  2. Route the external antenna inside your car and plug it in the external antenna port in the signal amplifier unit.
  3. Place the power supply in the cigarette port of your car and allow it to power up the signal amplifier unit.
  4. Place the amplifier unit somewhere convenient. The amplifier is usually placed underneath the car seat so that it will not be obtrusive.
  5. Turn on the signal booster and wait for a couple of minutes, after that, you should be ready to go.

The weBoost 470111 Mobile Phone Signal Booster can allow up to 5 concurrent users, which means 5 people can connect to the amplifier and enjoy increased mobile phone signal reception.

Gone are the days where you have to sacrifice call quality as the weBoost 470111 Mobile Phone Signal Booster will surely solve all of your low signal reception woes.